Astronomy is the oldest religion in Universe.
Our search for knowledge , understanding and purpose is eternal.
Our study of Cosmology includes the study of life on Earth.
It encompasses all forms and categories of learning exploration and research.
It is our duty to preserve knowledge and conserve all life.
It is our destiny to travel to the Stars.
The Astronomers of Earth are involved in a number of missions.

Save the planet

Earth is currently at risk of becoming inhospitable to Human and many other lifeforms.
The Astronomers are committed to taking useful , practical steps to prevent this.
You can read more on the  page “Conservation”

Educate the world

To preserve knowledge there must me a body of people to inherit and add to it.
Books libraries databases and other repositories of knowledge must be accessible.
The Astronomers support education and fund research – Read more on “Education”

Explore the Stars

What more is out there? Our observations from Earth and low orbit are limited.
To extend our gaze  further we must find a way to travel to the Stars.
The Astronomers promote scientific research in relevant fields – Read more on “Exploration”

Anima Mundi