We Know – The Spark Is Immortal

The First Law – Everything that exists, is some form of energy,
although there are many different types. Whatever energy is,
we cannot create it or destroy it; it can change into different forms,
but if we ADD the sum of all the forms of energy, it cannot change.

The SECOND Law – There is no such thing as a 100% efficient system; it is impossible
to turn all the heat absorbed into mechanical work, and that which is not used
in mechanical work generates entropy. This defines entropy as a mathematical
construct which only remains constant in a perfectly efficient
(but hypothetical) closed thermodynamic cycle.

A summary of the second law was given by C.P. Snow:

1. You cannot win. (energy and matter are conserved, you cannot get something for nothing.)
2. You cannot break even (entropy INCREASES so you cannot even return to the same state.)
3. You cannot leave the game. ( it is impossible to reach absolute zero (see third law)The THIRD Law – it is impossible to cool a body to absolute zero by any finite process. Although one can approach absolute zero as closely as one desires, one cannot actually reach this limit. The third law of thermodynamics, formulated by Walter Nernst and also known as the
Nernst heat theorem, states that if one could reach absolute zero, all bodies would have the same
entropy. In other words, a body at absolute zero could exist in only one possible state,
This state is defined as having zero entropy.

Both plants and animals are about 18 per cent carbon.
We’re all made out of the insides of stars!