Life & Death

On February 20, 2011, in Cronicle, Rise & Fall, by Ordono Mundi

Stupidity wasn’t always so common on Earth. There was a time when the effort was made to share all that was known with all who were alive. Those were the ancient days of the first Astronomers.

Death comes to a Mother
he says – its your time come with me…
Mother cries “Im needed by my baby” and begs to be spared
Death has heard it many times before and offers her a bargain.
Ill spare you Mother but you must choose another who should fill your shoes.

Mother says – there must be some so old and frail, your calling now or later will be of no avail
Those weakest flames that have burned bright, might do for me, at least tonight.
So Death takes a dying man, insensible to the world, rasping his last breath .
but soon returns to Mother with bad news ” there are no more old and sick.
Now choose again but make it quick, id just as soon take you and have done with it.

Mother cannot bear to see her child grow without her love and says to Death
There must be some so dark and stained, their lives will not be missed by many.
Death takes the lives of killers who he knows their hearts to be black.
Then returns when they were gone – and says to Mother

Choose again or take whats yours, there are no more bad n wrong
Mother says – the world has so much death in war, what about just one more.
So Death stalks the crimson fields adding to the tally of men, women, children.
Again returning death announced, there’s no more war , peace broke out.
You must choose again and tell me who should die tonight instead of you.

Mother cries “take others who are not my creed, that speak differently and pray to other gods”
For my child still needs my care and love, more than any other does.
Death kept his bargain and swept from earth, every creed and tongue but hers.
It wasn’t long Till he was back – there are no sick no old , no wars , there are no other gods that’s that,
so who should die tonight mother – its your time, wont you come with me…

Mother makes a choice ” Take the poor, the stupid and the ugly, they mean less to me than my baby”
Death found them and took them , each night they died instead of mother, until death came for again for her.
Who shall I take now mother – the old, the sick, the wrong, the poor, those at war or other creeds, who is left to take your place?

Mother wept and begged forgiveness for all the lives that went before her, but still she called out.
Take them all who have no children,Mother screamed already grieved, i give you them instead of me.
So death took every every man and woman till only mothers and children remained.
Death came to mother once again -will you bargain even now , i must take someone, its time

Mother did not beg this time, she hid her face and gasped ” take the children , all but mine”
Death returned when all were gone , his grim bargain still not done
Ill spare you my love he cried, only you must choose who else should die.
Take our child said Mother to Death , when all is done we must go on
For you and I must always be


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