The Doomer’s Prayer

On February 23, 2011, in Gobspells, by Canis
The Doomer’s Prayer

Let us know,
Our Species, who art Insane, Reviled are thy Works and Spawn.  Thy Hegemony imposed.  Thy Wrath incessant, On Earth as in ‘Apocalypse’.   Force on us this day, our daily dread, and permit us our delusional selfish excesses, as we destroy and kill that which trespasses not against us.  And lead us not with compassion or cognition, but deprive us of every resource and security in future.  For thus is the hoax, the ‘errorism, and the torture, for forever is now (be there).


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  1. Canis says:

    stoke stroke – spurt spurt – splat splat

    thee shalt be released – Hallelujah

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