Fantasy v. Reality

On February 24, 2011, in Gobspells, by Canis


No future to imagine.

No thing to see (here).

No peace to keep.

No perception to distort.

No excuse accepted.

No rationalization possible.

No riddle to resolve.

No metaphor to unwrap.

No enigma to invert.

No conjecture to parse.

No mystery to behold.

No mind to meet.

No hoax to perpetuate

No story to recall.

No evil to vanquish.

No puzzle to piece.

No bubble to burst.

No fairy tales to fracture.

No fiction to conspire.

No freedom to feign.

No right to refuse.

No conspiracy to promote.

No effect to cause. (or vice versa)

No absolution to seek.

No prophecy to reveal.

No denial to unmask (or wallow in).

No promise to renege

No fact to refuse.

No purpose to fulfill.

No enemy to revile

No reason to think.

No fantasy to weave.

No HIStory to distort.

No illusion to conjure.

No devil to detail.

No god to invent (spawn).

No belief to subvert.

No faith to confess.

No religion to conspire.

No hope to dash.

No salvation to await.

No resurection to imagine

No love to withhold.

No reality to acknowledge.

No time to waste.

No truth to learn.

No way to Be.

Truth Happens.

Reality is.

All shit is recycled.

Time was.

Peak It is you.

Spacetime folded.

Doom R Us.

Woe are Ewe.

One Time Only.

Clearance Sale.

Everything Discounted.

Have it Your Way.

Get yours today.

While supplies last.

Come as you are.

Don’t be late.

No application refused.

No approval required.

No appointment necessary.

Pay nothing down.

0.00% interest. (forever)

No annual membership fees.

No Reserve.

Bad credit same as cash.

You can’t be denied.

Everything to Lose,

No one will gain.

Beam on over, (re)materialize not.

Crap Local

Crash Global

Everyone’s a whiner.

Costumes optional.

Avoid the rush.

Beat the Crush.

(and) Panic now.

Just Peak It.

Get on with (over) it.

Merge, Next Exit .

Certain constrictions apply.

No return to highway.

Past is prologue.

Present tense.

Future fiction.

Pain irrelevant.

Eternity Happens.

This is It,

Now is the time.

The middle of Spacetime

Be There.

We’ll leave the light off.

(Void where prohibited. Certain restrictions apply. Constipation optional. Severe penalty for terminal withdrawal. Line forms in the rear. Not responsible for lost baggage.

Common side effects include, but not limited to: abdominal cramping, abject pointlessness, anal leakage, bloating, bleeding for mouth, ears and/or eyes, blurred (tunnel) vision, clenching and gnashing of teeth, chronic constipation and (hence) confusion, continuous bleating, clinical depression, delusions or squalor, emotional despair, extreme dizziness, dysentery, falling to the ground, perpetual flatulence (anal and oral), formication (google it), hallucination (audible, olfactory, visual), head and ball ache, hemorrhage, hemorrhoids, hopelessness, hysterical paralysis, intracranial hemorrhage, immobility, incessant whining, incontinence, involuntary gag reflex stimulation, loss of appetite, loss of all sensation, malaise, mania, matted fleece (opto-rectal), nausea, out-of body experiences, out of mind experiences, constant pains in the ass, pale complexion, piety, prayer, persistent coma, premature ejaculation, psychotic episodes, rage, rectal bleeding with pain, rigor-mortis, rotting/sloughing of flesh, tremor, palsy, self-pity, somnolence, severe twitching, spastic palsy, stampeding sheeple, stiffness of joints etc., sudden loss of hearing and/or vision, involuntary urinary discharge, unconsciousness, vegetative states, wailing and moaning, vertigo, and vomiting, wanton delusion, …

Know your doomoholic limit or designate a responsible deceiver.  Please,  do not think or thrive. Remember to die responsibly.  )


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