The Chronicles of Planet X

On February 20, 2011, in Origin, by Ordono Mundi

Imagine A solar system much like ours with 3 planets orbiting its sun. except here each planet orbits their star – Tritos, at the same distance , like some early atomic model the planets equally spaced apart sail thro the same space at different times …like electrons going round a nucleus.

Each planet is home to a bounty of life and a human like civilization. For millions of years evolution played out its symphony on these planets. On Exor pre industrial tribes of natives , raised great works in stone across the planet, harnessing its magnetic resonance to connect their tribes across the globe , assisting navigators sailing the great oceans, binding the Rogan people together in song and dance at each astronomical event of their calendar.
To Yuwa – where science is taking hold and early industry foul and smoking lifts some of the Tula people from toil , while yoking others to its wheels, where knowledge of the stars and laws of physics has replaced ancient ways and lost arts.
and Zynaz – where science and religious zealotry are combined ,its people assured by their rulers that they live on Gods chosen planet ,here they pursue knowledge for power, the most advanced of the civilizations, the Zool industrialized long ago here , science serves an elite priesthood whos grip on its inhabitants the Zewl , like their desire to survive is total…

Uninterrupted these planets would continue for millenia, their destiny unfolding with slow turns of histories pages, where it not for chaos , gravity and a large comet drawn inexorably to their sun. The comet s passing is observed by sky watchers on each planet as it burns through the day and night. its tail growing ever larger , then shrinking until finally the sun swallows it silently completely..

On Exor at the comets appearance Rogan Elders pronounced it a sign of good fortune, Their religious beliefs held that universe is a great sea through which sail all manner of life on an endless voyage , the comet it was said was a ship of fire returning to its stellar home after an epic voyage thro the cosmos. Celebrations were held in its honour , songs sung, poems written and great carvings hewn into sacred mountains to mark its final journey., once gone the Rogan people returned to their lives and gave it little thought., only the Elders pursued its real meaning . retreating into tunnels each night to stare at the stars passing across their view , tracing the orbits of Zynaz and Yewa as they crossed constellations in the night sky and marking the rising and setting of the sun. With each night the stars revealed the unforgiving tale of the comet..things had changed how much could not yet be seen..

On Yuwa scientists welcomed the appearance of the comet , flinging themselves with enthusiasm into calculations and observations , using newly discovered principals of mathematics , training their latest telescopes upon it, great names of science staked their reputations on competing calculations, some saying one thing some another. Religious leaders keen to reclaim influence since science had stripped them of credibility, proclaimed it the end of the world, a judgment on evil new ways, an apocalypse from which only the true believer would be saved, by returning to the worship of God and renouncing the works of knowledge and science. Many Toola still believed in the old Gods and listened fearfully to the priests. Politicians urged calm and pronounced that what ever the outcome reason and knowledge would save them if not the hand of god…

On Zynaz the priesthood twisted ancient prophecies to meet their own ends proclaiming the comet a herald of their ultimate victory in the quest to conquer Exor and Yuwa . The Zewl rulers having consumed much of their own planets resources in technological progress, had long promised the suffering of its people would be rewarded. Zynaz , heavily overpopulated and straining at the end of centuries of massive industrialisation, eyed its neighbors unspoiled oceans and continents with envy .God they said made all the planets for them , and one day with his help great ships would sail from Zynaz to the promised lands, There Gods chosen people would rule forever creating heaven on earth as the prophecies had siad…yet quietly in their greatest observatories and inner sanctums the priests gathered to process their observations on huge mechanical computers…
The consequences of the Comets passing were realised by differing means on each planet.

High on a mountian At the mouth of a tunnel on Exor in the early light of dawn, Rogan Elders gathered round a small fire” knowledge is not wisdom “ said one “ wisdom is not truth “ said another “truth is not beauty” returned one more” beauty is not music” joined the last , before finally they chorused “music is the best “ that they left and headed down the mountain towards the distant sound of drums..

Elswhere in a large state room in the capital of Yuwa, President Tulat sat at the head of a long table, around him were assembled the planets greatest minds, astronomers , physicists , mathematicians..”Theres no mistake “ said one “we all agree” said another “ the figures are incontrovertible” added one more voice ” staring into space the president muttered almost to himself “god have mercy on us all” before feinting and collapsing on the floor..

Sivnil – The high priest of Zynaz raised himself from the throne in the great temple of Zewl – order , order , he screamed – the furor resounding in the vast hall of the temple subsided, the other priests taking their seats and pursing their lips went quiet. “we are not done yet brothers” the words sliced through gritted teeth. “there is time yet for us to save ourselves” he continued “time still for a solution” I wont die on this mud-ball while we are masters of this world , ruling over a billions souls with our knowledge we must and will find a way, now get to work…

And That is how the people of the Tritos system discovered their delicate orbital balance had shifted , Zynaz had been accelerated by the passing of the comet and would inevitably collide with Yuwa , billions of years of harmony would end with the collision of Yuwa and Zynaz , the debris field destroying Exor in its wake ..all life in the Tritos system would end as its planets smash together leaving only dust to mark their passing… the outcome unquestionably the same for all..Oblivion, death, the end of life.

The 3 planets of the Tritos system , had orbited at the same distance from their sun for millions of years ..then a comet disturbed the balance of their orbits , Astronomers on each planet realized disaster was inevitable, this is their story

At first glance it might seem the leaders on all the planets did exactly the same….they said nothing and conferred with their astronomers , their fate was sealed but how much time did they have, when would the first signs appear . Long before any collision it would become clear gazing up at the other planets that something was wrong , soon the gravity of the Zynaz would pull on Yuwa causing earthquakes and tidal waves,, the secret could not be kept for long, yet until more was known, especially of the timing of the day of reckoning , silence would serve the best interests of all…

On Exor the people had no leadership as such , the planet was lightly populated but widely traveled , the Rogan were excellent seafarers and traded widely from continent to continent , there were vast areas of wilderness and few cities, but in the center of each city rose a great pyramid. For each pyramid there was a group of elders and a chief among them. Morlan was Chief elder of the great pyramid and one of the group who had first observed the comets effect., it was he who called a gathering. not to explain what was going to happen , but to drum the bringing.

The Rogan lived not only in tune with their environment , they lived in tune with the planet, they had mastered the use of sympathetic resonant frequencies and elevated it to a high art. Their songs moved the huge stones used to construct their pyramids, harbors and store houses, their gongs and bells and horns powdered rock, healed the sick and it was said could move mountains..
A network of standing stones, henges and pyramids ringed the globe channeling the planets magnetic field where they would , functioning exactly as an electrical grid would, distributing energy , communication ..and matter.
The elders of each Rogan tribe were responsible for remembering the songs used to do all these things , overseeing drummers and horns at the rituals and ceremonies, of construction, destruction , healing , and of coming and going ..

So it was that on a wide plain outside the city a group of drummers and Horn blowers gathered at an ancient henge, to drum the bringing. the drummers beat a call into the center ring of the henge all night ,elders walking among them banged gongs and chanted in dawn they ceased and waited..that evening they began again but this time with horns and a change of rhythm.
for a long time the song throbbed on and on ,until suddenly the center ring began to glow, sparks flew, the air crackled and a ball of light grew between the stones …Morlan stalked the drummers keeping the beat chanting the song of bringing, and then it happened , out of the plasma globe stepped a man singing and beating a gong he joined in with the others , soon another elder appeared , then another, until there were the appearance of the last elder, the drumming quickened , the horns blew loud and the rhythm was lost in a cacophony of sound, the ball of light shrank, the glow faded and slowly the song died to silence..

Morlan welcomed each arrival and led the precession back to the city., where They rested through the night.
Rising early the next morning The council of 8 elders convened in a library below the pyramid , food and drink were bought their table by a young apprentice called Coby. He also presented each elder with an abacus. He marveled at the site of all the elders together something that had never happened in his life time. He was on the path himself and dreamed that one day he would pass as an elder and travel with songs.
“Leave us now “ said Morlan so we may speak…
There was little need to explain the reason for the bringing to the other elders , the comet had been seen by the entire planet , and elders of all the great pyramids had been passing their nights in observation but here in a northern latitude of the planet Zynaz could be best viewed.. Morlan produced some rune stones and set them out on the table, then he spoke.

“The comet passed close by Zynaz, and has lent it more speed. “ said Morlan pointing to one of the runes. “Zynaz will soon destroy Yuwa it is written in the stars, Exor will follow shortly after, The others nodded and murmured .“I have called us here to count the time “ finished Morlan and sat down. Without any more talking the elders began flicking the abacus beads, glancing up now and then at one or more of the rune-stones on the table..
Behind a drape In the shadows , unseen by the elders Coby the apprentice stood rigid hardly daring to breathe or believe the words of Morlan…for hours the room echoed to the clicks of abacus, til first one , then another elder stopped . Finlay they were all done . without speaking they left one by one to rest. Morlan was last to leave “ you can come out now Coby “he called to the hidden boy. Coby stammered an apology but leveled his eyes at the old master and it true, the planet will be destroyed, is there nothing we can do when will it happen, the questions cam e out all at once, trailing of with what will happen to us , we must warn the people….
We will not warn the people said Morlan softly you will never speak of this, do you understand ? but what is to be done master , the end of the world is coming , should we not prepare …Coby was scared and confused..
“The end of the world is always coming one way or another ” Intoned Morlan as he gently snuffed candles around the room “our lives your life are just a part of the great voyage energy takes through timespace . What good will it do to fear what you cannot change. Live now Coby for It cannot be destroyed”

Coby new the words well for they were part of the teachings of his order. As well as learning to drum sing and form the tunes that move and break and heal. The Astronomers on Exor learned that Universe contains all the energy it ever will, all is change nothing is lost . This should have comforted the young apprentice but he had been looking forward to a longer journey , his had just begun. Much as he celebrated the truth about energy his desire to live wanted options, a chance to stay like this, to live on, to have some fun. Morlan could see the conflict flickering across Cobys face. He knew it would be hard for him to contain his knowledge if let out of the order. Whatever happens he must not be allowed to spread fear across Exor. Murlan stroked his whiskers narrowing his eyes . “Coby!” he said “you are going on a journey, a great adventure, you will travel through the stones across the void . Your journey may hold the key to to our very survival and safety of all the planets of Tritos… At the next closing, You will carry the knowledge of these events and the high knowledge of the moving songs, through the stones to Yuwa. You will find the people of Yuwa whos lights we see through the glass. You will tell them of the danger and raise a great pyramid there. If this can be done in time perhaps, perhaps we may save us all from catastrophe” Coby could hardly believe what he was hearing , or take it all in. He was travel between the planets, from Exor to Yuwa , he was to carry the ancient song of stones the most sacred knowledge of his order to another world. Coby didn’t know if his life had just begun or just ended.

Chapter 3 – Yuwa

President Rudo limba was proud of his achievements , proud of his record ,proud of his people. It hadnt been easy becoming president of the planet when your from one of the smaller island nations, well so he told himself, in truth his minority backround was an asset . he was the glue holding the bickering power blocks of Yuwa together but none of that mattered now. He looked up from his cupped hands and croaked “ how long?” around him seated at the table were regional leaders , astronomers, scientists, religious leaders and an assortment of military personnel…”We dont know exactly ..not yet ..but its less than fifty years …much less” The president stared blankly at the direction of the voice , it came from a woman, head of the triplanet observatory Frieda Goor.
“We have to wait till Zynaz passes us to get a good measure of the orbital shift” she continued , at the next passing in 1/3 well have an answer to how long but it wont change the facts Mr President we must evacuate the planet , we must start now if we are to have any chance of building ships capable of saving our civilisation…”
“Preposterous!” cried Spatzan ageing head of Yuwas main religion the Yuwins..the end is foretold in the ancient books , we shall be reborn , renewed upon th eother side, the lords of Tritos grow tired of our sins and only the pure will be saved..there is no escape , only redemption
YES YES yes archbishop we are familiar with the ancient texts , thank you for reminding us, im sure the pure will be just as interested in staying alive a little bit longer if they can..The President ..lips pursed harder than a clam shell, drummed his fingers ..I want options he said , i want options and i want totall secrecy , the last thing we need is the population in a panic tearing everything apart and crying in to their beer. Frieda you say we should build a ship, we’ve barely launched our first satellite, ive seen the artists impressions of spaceships of the future but realistically what are the chances we can build and launch anything soon enough and anyway ..he paused …where would we go? So we save our selves what we float around in space dodging lumps of planet till our air runs out, then what.
“Maybe we could destroy Zynaz or shift its orbit back” offered a plump red faced general more out of hope than knowledge of how such things could be accomplished.
Destroying Zynaz ..would leave a debris field as big as our orbit , we would die the death of a thousand asteroids..or just one big one- Frieda replied – anyway – we barely have the technology to launch some of us into orbit never mind move or destroy planets..Our only hope is to evacuate to one of the other planets in our system and hope it can support life…..
You cannot escape your destiny – cried the archbishop standing up, traversing a bony finger around the faces at the table – none of us can – We have been judged for our sins , the new ways are the ways of the evil one, I warned of this day, The order of Tritos has stood firm against the modern world and its loose morals and easy ways, only those who repent and pledge their live to our lord and saviour the unborn Yuwa will be saved. The unborn Yuwa , or the son of God – prophesied to be the savoiur of all Yuwakind, would (claimed the prophecies) appear at the end of time to save the righteous and carry them to the other side. For the unrighteous however the prophecies contained lengthy descriptions of their pain , torment , and suffering. They would be denied passage to the other side , their sins measured against them and those found wanting would die in agony as the unrighteous..
“Spatzan!” The president rose up shouting down the ranting cleric – Sit down!
Listen to me, the end may be coming but its not here yet. The people of this planet deserve our every to save them and the planet and by God were going to give it to them.. Professor Frieda I want to know exactly how long we’ve got as soon as possible, I want probes launched to explore the solar system for other habitable planets, I want a program of ship and shelter building to begin immediately . General Risomer I want someway of communicating with the other planets , if there’s anyone alive on those other rocks I want to know what they re doing and if we can help each other . I want absolute secrecy in everything we do, I want the people to see business as usual and noting more. Spatzan , there will come a time when the people will need unified in hope, not divided by fear, a time when believing in our salvation may be the last comfort for many, i trust we can count on you at that time. Now lets get on with it people, we don’t know how long we have but it is not forever.
With that the president dismissed the meeting , making arrangements with each representative to begin their work and meet again soon. Only Spatzan remained
“Mr President are you a believer?” he said fixing president Rudo with a stare, the question was barbed and weighted , all leaders of Yuwa had been swearing a pledge of office to the old gods and prophecies for hundreds maybe even thousands of years. “of course I am Spatznaz but many are not and i serve them all, I will not seek our salvation in one mans religion even if it is my own”
“Wise words for a politician” came back the archbishop “ but are you a believer in your own immortal soul, mr president , when the worlds collide and the earth trembles , when the land is ripped apart and an ocean of fire consumes all life, when our dust is scattered in space , what of you then mr president …will you be saved by our lord the unborn Yuwa, or are you ! on eof the unrighteous?will you be left behind , to perish , while the saved cross over to the world of plenty promised to us by the word of god .?
The president now fixed Archbishop Spatnaz with his gaze,sensing an implied threat from the cleric. There were billions of believers in the old gods on Yuwa if they thought the end times were here , panic , chaos and upheaval would jeopardize any chances of a scientific solution. Power would shift back to the priesthood , and more temples than spaceships would be built by the people of Yuwa……
“ i assure you Archbishop Spatnaz , whatever happens when this world ends , and however our salvation may come about, I will not be left behind, the president paused while spatnaz reflected on the exact meaning of his words, till he went on i am a true believer. However the cosmos is opening up before us in our lifetime we have see great advances in knowledge and technology, if God allows it we may yet survive on another world by some means and if we do , will the people not need a ministry, will god not need to be served even in space and beyond..?
Spatnaz old, pious and devout might have thought himself beyond compromise on the matter of salvation , so perhaps it was a sense of primeval self preservation
that raised his eyebrow .
“You are indeed a wise man president Rudo” smirked Spatnaz before saying his goodbyes .
Left alone the President stared thro a window , he could just pick out the orb of Zynaz glowing faintly red in the night sky ,blinking like a faint warning light.

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